November 2019

I continue to benefit enormously from Alexander Technique. It has given me a way to be calm and present, to eliminate back pain and it has lengthened my spine. My extended family noted this Christmas that I seem to keep growing. I am very grateful for your teaching which I often repeat in my mind!

Kate Noble teacher

October 2018

I first went to see Vivienne due to some issues with my arms caused by upper back and postural issues I had developed. She immediately helped me understand more about my body and how to use it.

The lessons are very relaxing, they follow a similar pattern which builds a greater sensory awareness, and over time you see and feel changes, the better posture, the easier breathing and the freedom of movement. It’s the mental and emotional changes that distinguish the Alexander Technique from other disciplines. With time comes a sense of calmness and of being more in control.

I now feel taller and more upright and feel much more comfortable sitting down. I would also add that unlike other forms of therapy, AT seems to be more subtle – concentrating on very small adjustments. This gives the impression that nothing is happening, but in reality, the changes over time are significant.

After a few months, I am seeing off my arms issues and have applied a correct postural, breathing and sensory awareness of my body that lets me use it much better. Having nearly recovered 100%, it has not crossed my mind stopping the lessons due to the good it brings to me everyday.

As a teacher, Vivienne is really flexible with the schedule, gentle and careful during the lessons and a great practitioner to learn this technique with.

David Dorado IT Consultant

May 2016

“I have just completed a short course of Alexander Technique lessons with Vivienne. I decided to try the lessons because of back pain especially after playing the piano and gardening. I have benefited from excellent advice and encouragement. By learning to pause before I initiate everyday activities, I have learned to use my body – especially my neck, shoulders and spine – in a better way. At the end of every lesson I felt a new lightness and balance.”

Alison Dietz, retired.

February 2016

” Vivienne is a great teacher, very helpful and patient. Thanks to her I now feel far more relaxed and more aware in my body. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and feel that I’ve benefited enormously from her help. She has also helped me with my anxiety about speaking in public.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vivienne to anyone who needs help with their posture and movement, I know how much of difference she’s made to mine!”

Hanif Patel, business consultant. 

April 2014

A Huge Thank you!

” I got a number of comments from the audience about the stunning physicality of my performance and my physical transformation in the different scenes. I put that entirely down to you! Working with you made me think about my body as a vehicle for the storytelling and it’s been amazing for my creative exploration in the show.”

Yang-May Ooi, story performer

“Since working with Vivienne on the Alexander technique I feel inches taller.  When I walk I feel lighter and the stress that I held in my back has disappeared.  I would highly recommend Vivienne if you want to experience a long term posture change that you don’t have to think about.  I cannot thank her enough for the impact she has had in regards to my well being.  Thank you”

Terri Burrows, Nurse.


October 2012

“Vivienne has changed my life!

I had suffered for many years with chronic neck and shoulder pain, poor posture and tension and felt I was heading for disability in old age. I had seen many different osteopaths, who provided at best a temporary solution. Through Vivienne’s patient teaching of the Alexander Technique, I have come to understand how to let go and listen to how my body works. As a result, I feel that my body has been given a chance to relearn, and the pain and tensions have lessened. She is a positive and extremely warm teacher and I am so grateful that somebody recommended her to me.

Sue B. Health Visitor Trainer